I am painstakingly looking to collaborate with like-minded, growers, foragers, purveyors, producers and organizations and am proud of the fact that my menus are directly linked to social impact and sustainability. From food recovery efforts and local sourcing to food accessibility and food insecurity issues, my culinary artistry remains interwoven with my moral compass. 

Ismail Samad
Chef, Culinary Instructor, Food Activist

Chef/Partner- The Gleanery
Putney Vermont
Executive Chef- Daily Table
Boston Massachussetts
Join me this winter as we launch Daily Table! A not for profit  prepared foods and grocery store  in Dorchester.  Pre-made meals will be priced to compete with fast food restaurants that market to low-income customers. We will also offer cooking classes all in an attempt to counter the American tendency toward low-cost, unhealthy meals that has lead to an epidemic in obesity and diabetes. AND IT WILL BE TASTY!
The Gleanery Restaurant, Bakery and Cafe is in constant contact with its like-minded, growers, foragers, purveyors and producers. This  direct dialogue means  menus change rather frequently (sometimes daily) depending on what ingredients our farm partners bring to our backdoor. We prefer the imperfect, the “irregular” and/or the surplus crops to make inspired culinary offerings. We also have an extensive canning and preservation program to increase our efforts in tackling the unnecessary food waste in the communities we serve. www.thegleanery.com to make a reservation or for more information on the first of its kind restaurants!
yogurt marinated chicken salad recipe with chick peas, grilled veggies and dates with yogurt vinaigrette.