veg & pasta
Ribeye, tomato wala wala jam, fingerlingsancho glazed brisket, brussels, celeriac-apple masherslamb loin chops, curried veggies, root chipsfilet, invirno and parsnip tart, fennel jus and slawbrown butter chicken, pita "chips"  charred tomatoes, hot hummusRabbit rack and loin, harissa fingerlings, swiss chard, pears, portsoy-yuzu glazed meatballs, pickled red onion puree, bok choy
Wedge of romaine, backyard veggiesSmokey brocoli soup, parmesan crackerarborio crusted ravioli, house ricotta, arugula, cherry tomatoesbeet and cevre raviolo, parsnip texture, pom-shallot emmulsionChevre fritter, roasted shallots, beet-bluberry pureebutternut ravioli,, parsnip fries, roasted acorn, cider blue emmulsionmushroom risotto, arancciniHand rolled garganelliRosemary gnocchi, tomatoes, carmy onions
Scallops, terentaise, roasted  and raw pepper risotto, lucinato kale, roasted garlicCrispy skin coho salmon, brwown butter brussels, spatzel, cider gastriqueTrout, onion fritter, stewed tomatoesChar, orange, carrot and ginger marmalade, clantro basmati, house grown pea shoots3 ways of maine lobster, en croute, butter poached, risottobouillabassestuffed calimariday Boat Scallops, grilled veggies, corn pureeWalleye, sesame sweet potatoes,
Carrot CakeCheese PlateCheese CakeBlood orange SorbetCarrot mango sorbetGinger-Banana BruleeGinger-Banana Creme BruleeChocolate mousse cakeLemon-lavender curd,sesame mereingues, strawberry salsa